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London School of Economics


I’ve recently applied to the London School of Economics MPA Programme focusing on European Public & Economic Policy. This programme sounds perfect for my career interest. I’m very interested in economic policy, social policy, growth & development.  I would also be very comfortable relocating to any English, French speaking country within the European Union.

Le portail de l’Union européenne

Gateway to the European Union

I’ve got everything I need; Determination, Dedication, Persistence and most importantly………

British Sterling

British Sterling


Remise des Diplômes (Matriculation to Convocation)

Monsieur Français' traveling office. (Roosevelt University)

Monsieur Français' traveling office.

During my Environmental Biology lecture I realised that in one month (May 16, 2009) I will no longer have obligations. The daily schedule that consisted of lectures, seminars and revisions will cease. My plans for after graduation are a bit jangled up. Being accepted into a choice law school would be ideal, however my examination scores have somewhat marred the possibilities of that happening. I would love to apply to several of the Graduate Economic programmes with institutions like the London School of Economics & Political Science, London Metropolitan University, and University College London. So as you can see I’ve got London on the brain. I truly enjoyed it and look forward to studying and residing there.

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