GreenPeace: Fight for Clean Energy


GreenPeace an international NGO has been a relentless advocate in alternative energies (anti-nuclear). Currently, the major concern of GreenPeace is global warming.

Over the next four months, I’ll be sharing with you what our team of leading scientists discovers about the devastating effect that global warming is having on glaciers, ice sheets and sea ice in the Arctic. Our job is to bring the world face-to-face with the reality of global warming.

But, as we have seen in Congress with the current weak global warming bill, we need to work together to encourage our leaders to break from the powerful forces of the fossil fuels industry. That’s where you come in—to bring reality and science home, we need your help.

It’s going to take every single one of us getting involved and taking action to rescue the climate. Greenpeace will continue standing by the science and demanding that our leaders do what’s necessary to stop global warming. Stand with us today and get involved with our grassroots campaign in your community.

Get involved with our global warming campaign in your community today!

On June 17th, Greenpeace organizers will be holding volunteer meetings in 20 cities across the country. Even if you don’t live close to an organizer its important to get involved because right now is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference and help get our leaders to lead. The Obama Adminstration has the power to limit global warming pollution. At the meetings, we’ll be talking about how we can all urge the Obama Administration to use that power by writing letters to the editors of local newspapers, sending comments directly to the Administration, and organizing as many Americans as we can to get involved.

Take a minute to sign up and get more information about the June 17th meeting in your area and how you can get involved!

It’s going to take all of us to make this happen — whether you’re on a ship in the Arctic or volunteering in your community. Our leaders will only listen to us when we make them listen.

From the Arctic Sunrise,

Melanie Duchin
Greenpeace Global Warming Campaigner

Become a monthly supporter of GreenPeace by signing up at their official website.

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