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L’histoire de Melody Nelson

l'histoire de Melody Nelson

l'histoire de Melody Nelson

L’histoire de Melody Nelson (The story of Melody Nelson) was released in 1971 by French song writer Serge Gainsbourg. It is highly aclaimed and considered to be the most successful and influential concept albums. The plot involves a middle-aged Serge Gainsbourg causing a collision with his Rolls Royce Silver Ghost into teenaged Melody Nelson’s bicycle. The evemts that occur afterwards, are seduction, romance and tragedy.

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L’histoire de Melody Nelson


Serge Gainsbourg

Lettre de Refus

Course MPA in European Public and Economic Policy
Academic Year of Entry 2009/2010
Month of Entry September
Mode of Study Full-time
Fee Status Overseas Resident
Status of Application

Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful in your application for your first choice course. A letter has been posted to you. The competition for places at LSE is severe and inevitably many well qualified applicants cannot be accepted. This decision is final, and no further comment can be made.

Michael Joseph Jackson

J5era29Michael Jackson has left behind a legacy that will go on for as long as society is civilized. This is all that I am able to say at this time.


Non Stop to Brazil: Astrud Gilberto


Born in Bahia of North-Eastern Brazil, Astrud Weinert is a well known Brazilian singer of Brazilian and German descent. After marrying João Gilberto (1959), Astrud began her introduction into Brazilian Jazz and Popular music. Her unique fusion of American Jazz and Bossa Nova gained her much success with audiences in Brazil and the United States. 74272367

Gilberto’s sensual, naive vocals and exceptional command of the English language on “The Girl from Ipanema” skyrocketed the popularity of the track, delivering the cross-over appeal needed to penetrate the American market. Astrud Gilberto’s inclusion on the grammy-winning song “The Girl From Ipanema” gained her international attention and helped her establish a solo career, with her debut “The Astrud Gilberto Album” (1965).

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A Rose Grows in Bourbonnais


Afro Cuban: Robin Jones

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

Latin percussionist Robin Jones master of Afro Cuban, Brazilian and Salsa music. Jones has played regularly with legendary musicians; Chet Baker, Bud Powell, Johnny Griffin, John Barry, Al Casey, Stan Getz, Elton John and Charlie Palmieri.

Jones sessions include hardcore driving rhythms that are sure to please.



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London School of Economics


I’ve recently applied to the London School of Economics MPA Programme focusing on European Public & Economic Policy. This programme sounds perfect for my career interest. I’m very interested in economic policy, social policy, growth & development.  I would also be very comfortable relocating to any English, French speaking country within the European Union.

Le portail de l’Union européenne

Gateway to the European Union

I’ve got everything I need; Determination, Dedication, Persistence and most importantly………

British Sterling

British Sterling