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Franklin Honor Society Induction

12 May 2009.

Dear Justin,

Congratulations. Based upon your record of academic excellence, I am happy to inform you of your induction into the Roosevelt University Franklin Honor Society.

The Franklin Honor Society was founded in 1956, on the 250th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth. In the words of its charter, the objective of the Society “is to emphasize scholarship, character, and ideals of the students of Roosevelt University, and by recognition of students through election to membership, to stimulate the open-minded search for truth, the appreciation of intellectual excellence, and to foster the democratic spirit which were outstanding qualities of Benjamin Franklin.


James Gandre

Provost and Executive Vice President

A Mother's Pride & Job

J'aime ma mère de tout mon cœur.

Adele & Justin: Baccalauréat

Adele & Justin: Baccalauréat