Afro-Cuban Jazz

Afro-Cuban Fantasy

Anyone that knows Justin French knows that he knows little of modern music but specialises in the excavation of musical gems long forgotten. I am most appreciative of the endless styles of Jazz music, especially Afro-Cuban. Filled with Guaguancó, Rumba, and often religious like chants, afro-cuban music is very rhythmic highly complex and caters towards specific dance styles. It is believed that all Cuban music has African influences. Below are artist who contributed to the genre.

Click Here to Listen to some amazing Afro-Cubonic rhythms (listen with an open mind and ear).

Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader

Cal Tjader made excellent contributions to Afro-Cuban jazz with albums such as Latino!, Latin Concert, Latin Kick, Cuban Fantasy and countless other albums. Tjader has an extensive collection that even I have not yet heard in it’s entirety. Definitely a legend in Afro-Cuban (Latin Jazz) history.

Nina Simone

Nina Simone

Nina Simone, American pianist, arranger, singer and songwriter was not formally an afro-cuban musician, nor restricted to any other particular genre. She explored just about every genre of her time, often in the course of a single album. She did explore Afro-Cuban rhythms, as heard on tracks: Return Home (from Nina Simone Live at Town Hall), Near to You (from Ne Me Quitte Pas, good luck finding it.)

Mongo Santamaria

Mongo Santamaria

Mongo Santamaria of Havana, Cuba was entirely an Afro-Cuban Jazz percussionist. His most exhalted work was the jazz standard Afro Blue. Mongo Santamaria explodes on racks such as Skins and Bembe Blue (from his album Skins). Santamaria is essential in any afro-cuban (latin jazz) listeners collection.

  1. Thank you for writing about my FAVORITE Jazz style. At first my love for Afro-Cuban Jazz was nostalgic. I grew up in a home where Sunday mornings were reserved for artist like Mongo Santamaria,and Chano Pozo. Today, I recognize my love for the style as a part of my very being.

    • Thank you for viewing my post. I will definitely be posting more Afro Cuban artist.


      Justin French

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