Album of the Week: Vampire Weekend: Contra

Vampire Weekend: Contra

Happy New Year

New Years in London

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in London was very nice. I missed my family, but had a great time at Harlem Soul in Notting Hill Gate.

Happy Holidays to everyone.


I’ve finally settled into my new flat. There is plenty of space, and I’m living in the zone where the 2012 Summer Olympics will be held.

Flat Pic 1

Flat Pic 1


Electronique Failure

I am experiencing much difficulty with my laptop.  As of now I am unable to properly update this weblog, but as soon as my situation permits I will return with regular updates, photos, and artistic suggestions.

Enter Europa

L’Amérique n’est plus ma maison. Je ne regrette rien

Goodbye America (Captain America)

Goodbye America (Captain America)